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Dr.-Ing Marco Norambuena

Active control of reverberant sound fields in enclosures

The reverberation time (RT60) is one of the most important parameters in architectural acoustics, and its adequate value influences directly the quality of the music or speech intelligibility depending on the kind of room analyzed. The proposed study aims to design an efficient electro-acoustic controller to modify the RT60 by means of an adaptive absorption device, which uses a sound field decomposition method to achieve the required sound absorption and thus the reverberation time control.


M. Norambuena (2003). Improvement and development of new tools for the acoustic room design software Reflex. Diplomarbeit. Universidad Austral de Chile, Escuela de ingenieria acustica, Valdivia. Chile

M. Norambuena (2006). Active sound absorption - Theoretical and practical study. Internal publication, Institut für Strömungsmechanik und Technische Akustik, Technische Universität Berlin

M. Norambuena and A. Jakob and M. Möser (2007). A wave decomposition method for active control of sound absorption: theory and first experimental results. DAGA 2007 - Stuttgart, Germany

M. Norambuena and A. Jakob and M. Möser (2009). Active absorption systems: Study and implementation of an adaptive control procedure. NAG-DAGA 2009 International Conference on Acoustics, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, March 2009

M. Norambuena and A. Jakob and M. Möser (2010). Multichannel active absorption systems (AAS): Theory and numerical results. Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2010


Marco Norambuena
Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Strömungsmechanik und Technische Akustik
Fachgebiete der Technischen Akustik, Sekr. TA7
Einsteinufer 25
D-10587 Berlin
Tel. : +49 30 314-25003
Fax.: +49 30 314-25135

Room: TA 154

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