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A review of acoustic imaging methods using phased microphone arrays
Zitatschlüssel Merino-Martinez2019
Autor Merino-Martínez, R. and Sijtsma, P. and Snellen, M. and Ahlefeldt, T. and Antoni, J. and Bahr, C.J. and Blacodon, D. and Ernst, D. and Finez, A. and Funke, S. and Geyer, T.F. and Haxter, S. and Herold, G. and Huang, X. and Humphreys, W.M. and Leclère, Q. and Malgoezar, A. and Michel, U. and Padois, T. and Pereira, A. and Picard, C. and Sarradj, E. and Siller, H. and Simons, D.G. and Spehr, C.
Seiten 197-230
Jahr 2019
ISSN 1869-5582, 1869-5590
DOI 10.1007/s13272-019-00383-4
Journal CEAS Aeronaut J
Jahrgang 10
Nummer 1
Verlag Springer Science and Business Media LLC
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