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M.Sc. Roman Kisler


Area of Research

The key topic of his research at the chair of Engineering Acoustics deals with the general theoretical investigation of the coupling between airborne and structure-borne sound. A thorough theoretical and physical understanding of such mechanisms allows for an analytical modeling of arbitrary vibrating systems. Their structural vibrations can excite surrounding fluid to emit a significant amount of noise. To suppress the most dominant vibration modes, analytical acoustic models enable targeted optimizations of the structure’s geometry and material. These techniques can highly contribute to significant noise reduction. Those newly developed models are checked for their validity and accuracy with additional numerical methods and experimental setups. The primary goal of this research is the utilization of analytical models for the design of novel plate silencers for broadband and low-frequency noise reduction in flow ducts. The applications of such specific silencers include ventilation and exhaust systems (e.g. inside automobiles and industrial plants), wind tunnels and numerous other flow ducts causing high noise emissions. As a result of their sealed and smooth surface, plate silencers are a promising approach for high noise reduction with the advantages of their negligible pressure loss, high robustness, easy maintenance and compact size. The underlying physical mechanisms are highly sophisticated, which is demonstrated by the following snapshot of the computed sound pressure via numerical FEM (Finite Element Method) inside a generic plate silencer.




For this reason, analytical models are being developed. They are
intended to enable a fast and accurate design of plate silencers for
their designated field of application. These kinds of models allow
optimizing plate silencers to their full potential in order to achieve
the highest possible sound attenuation with a minimum of required
installation space and ecological use of resources.


Azimutalmodenanalyse in Strömungskanälen von Turbomaschinen bei starker Unterabtastung mittels Compressed Sensing
Citation key Kisler2016b
Author Kisler, Roman and Behn, Maximilian and Enghardt, Lars and Tapken, Ulf
Pages 1096–1099
Year 2016
Journal Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA
Volume 42
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M.Sc. Roman Kisler
Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Strömungsmechanik und Technische Akustik
Fachgebiet Technische Akustik, Sekr. TA7
Einsteinufer 25
D-10587 Berlin
Tel.: ++49 +30 314-22440
Fax.: ++49 +30 314-25135

Zimmer: TA 359

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