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Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Mathiowetz

Academic Staff

Characterization of structure-borne sound sources in ship structures

A generally accepted method for the characterization of structure-borne sound sources is still missing. This is due to the complexity of the underlying physics, which show that the transmitted sound power from a source to a receiver
is dependent on both source and receiver quantities. The subject of research is the analysis and improvement of existing methods
for structure-borne sound source characterization with regard to noise sources onboard ships.

In a series of previews studies it was shown that the interface mobility approach can be regarded as a numerically stable method
for the description of the transmission process. Therefore, this promising approach is investigated with respect to accuracy and
practicability for ship structures and relevant sources. Additionally, the approach needs to be expanded for practical source-receiver
assemblies with one and two-stage isolation systems and for multi-component coupling.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Möser


Multi-component power transmission from structure-borne sound sources into lightweight structures
Citation key Mathiowetz2013b
Author Sebastian Mathiowetz and Hannes A. Bonhoff
Year 2013
Journal 21st International Congress on Acoustics, Montreal, 2013. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics Vol. 19, pp. 065081, 2013
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Dr.-Ing. S. Mathiowetz


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