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Stability behaviour of the transient boundary element method

The boundary element method (BEM) is a widely used numerical tool.
Calculations may be performed in the frequency domain (FD) or in the
time domain (TD).
The FD-BEM is limited to the simulation of stationary processes.
Instationary processes like moving sources, engine acceleration,
impulses etc. must be simulated in time domain.
A common problem of the TD-BEM reported in the literature is the
occurrence of spurious instabilities. Numerical evidence shows that
the instable behavior is caused by the eigenfrequencies of the
The problem of the eigenfrequencies is well known in frequency domain
BEM calculation, also called the nonuniqueness problem. Various
methods have been derived to find a modified equation with a valid
solution for
all frequencies. Well known approaches are the combined field integral
equation by Burton and Miller and the combined Helmholtz integral
equation formulation (CHIEF) by Schenk.
For time domain calculations first Ergin in 1999 and later Chappell et
al in 2006 used a Burton-Miller approach to avoid the above described
In 2009 Stütz and Ochmann (NAG/DAGA) showed that the CHIEF method can
be used to regularize the eigenfrequencies. More research regarding
the efficiency and the limits of the CHIEF method in TD-BEM
calculations has to be done.

Open Source BEM Acoustics Project

With the financial help of the German Acoustic Society  (DEGA) the Open Source BEM Acoustics Project was started. The available BEM MATLAB code was revised and upgraded with a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
The TD-BEM is licensed under the GNU General Public License, a free software license. This should ensure the use of  the numerical method for university teaching and research.


A. Jakob and M. Stütz and J. Feldmann and M. Möser (2006). Experiments on Active Vibration Control of a Scale Model Railway Wheel.. Proceedings of EURONOISE. Tampere, Finnland, 2006.

M.Stütz and M.Ochmann (2009). Simulation of transient sound radiation using the Time Domain Boundary Element Method. Conference NAG/DAGA 2009

M.Stütz and M.Ochmann and M.Möser (2010). Improving stability of the transient boundary element method using the CHIEF-Method. EAA - EuroRegio, Ljubljana, Slovenia; in "1stEAA - EuroRegio 2010, Congress on Sound and Vibration", G. Kaniak, H. Schweinzer (Hrg.), ISBN: 978-961-269-283-4

M. Stütz and M.Ochmann (2007). Calculation of the acoustic radiation of an open turbulent flame with a transient boundary element method. International Congress on Acoustics in Madrid (ICA), 2007


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