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Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Greussing

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Nearfield Structure-Borne-Sound Holography

Acoustical Nearfield Holography is a common method for the reconstruction of wave fields in the fluid medium surrounding a vibrating structure. Although NAH has been used to visualize structural vibration since its inception, this has been exclusively done by back-propagating the wave field of the surrounding fluid medium, based on measurement of sound pressure. So far, however, the holographic procedure has not been used to project structure-borne sound fields directly, based on structural vibration measurement. The present research therefore aims at implementing the core concept behind classic Nearfield Acoustical Holography in a structure-borne sound scenario. There is reason to believe that this might open up interesting ways to deal with certain problems in the practice of structural vibration analysis.



Nearfield Structure-Borne Sound Holography for Semi-Infinite Plates
Citation key Greussing2011
Author D. Greussing
Year 2011
Journal Proc. Forum Acusticum 2011, Aalborg, Denmark, P. 2373-2378, ISSN 2221-3767
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